Economic Development

Economic Development

Opportunities for Training and Employment is Essential to Disenfranchised Communities. For example, as many as 60% of returning citizens are still unemployed 1 year after release.

Through Partnerships and Social Service Enterprises, the National Task Force creates employment opportunities by Developing Businesses to employ this population.

There are currently over 21 Business Models to Create Employment in Disenfranchised Communities includes:

Full Service Call Center
Health and Nutrition Centers
Back Office Admin Services
Drone Air/Ground Security
Plasma Center
Public Safety
Online Technologies (programming, coding, etc.)
and MORE!


Each business is designed to Create local jobs specifically for Disenfranchised populations. Training, educational services, job placements and social entrepreneurs are just the beginning.

As part of a more Comprehensive approach, innovative services such as childcare, family reunification, counselors, mentors and more, all help navigate these Barriers to Success.

This contributes to long term Employment and Improves Quality of Life for employees both at work and home.

In addition to Traditional Employment, the Gig Market creates the opportunity to Work at Livable Wages and Solves one of the most fundamental issues of the Disenfranchised.

Business Development

Innovation is the New Weapon in the fight for Equality and Justice. For example, instead of Looking to Others to hire our clientele, we Develop Social Enterprise Businesses in a variety of areas employ our clients at livable Wages as well as opening many opportunities to enter the GIG market.

Each business can be expanded and duplicated in Disenfranchised Communities across the country. New Job Creating Ventures Consistently add New Markets for Sustainability and Growth.

Innovation within the Exploding Gig Market is part of the Blueprint of Social Entrepreneurial Opportunities within communities. Changing the Landscape of possibilities for Business Development and ownership.


Green technologies, skilled/unskilled labor, hydroponic and entrepreneurial Systems are just a few of the markets that in our Expansion bullseye.

COVID 19, stay at home orders and the economic shut-down, has Created unprecedented opportunities to conduct business in New and Creative ways.

Exciting technologies in health, agriculture and business development create a New Frontier of Opportunity inclusive of the people we serve.