Sudden Crisis


The Social and Financial ripple effect of COVID 19 has added millions of people to the Disenfranchised Community overnight.

People employed one day have been furloughed, laid off or outright terminated the next day. While many may be able to return to work, millions of the Newly Disenfranchised Need Help Now!

This has created both an Immediate Economic/Social Crisis and an Unprecedented Opportunity.

The Newly Disenfranchised have Changed the Vantage Point of how disenfranchised populations are normally viewed. Instead of being victims, these populations are becoming an active part of their own solutions.

Basic Membership in the National Task Force, creates a Pathway of Opportunity that Impacts the Newly Disenfranchised and the People We Serve by:

  • Putting Real Dollars into the Hands of Those Who Need it the Most
  • Creating a Monthly Income that You Control - Privatized Universal Basic Income (PUBI)
  • Building Infrastructure for Sustainability and Growth
  • Creating Large Scale Employment Specific to Disenfranchised Markets

We call it Trickle Up Economics!
Creating Economic/Social Solutions from the Bottom Up!