Economic and Social Opportunities

A 501c3 non-profit since 2006. Based in Las Vegas, NV., the core mission of the organization is Creating Economic and Social Opportunities Specifically for Disenfranchised Communities.

Through community involvement and local partnerships, Primary Group Inc. continues to develop signature projects to ensure that services to individuals and their families consistently address issues pertinent and germane to their success.

Economic Development

As the New Economy Reopens, Gig Market, Innovation in Employment and an Explosion of Social Entrepreneurs is Changing the Landscape of Opportunity for Disenfranchised Communities

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Initial Legal Defense

A lack of Proper Legal Representation is one of the Main Weapons used against the Disenfranchised. Public Defenders have been Overwhelmed with their case loads for Decades

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Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is closely tied to economic opportunities for the Disenfranchised. Many are priced out of markets because of rent increases, background or work history

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Health And Nutrition

Major health issues in disenfranchised communities are rampant. High blood pressure, diabetics, blood clots, and obesity are common ailments in communities of color

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