What Your Donation Supports

In a word, Jobs! Every dollar that comes in goes to create new jobs, support current jobs, expand infrastructure, start new businesses or expand a current business.

As a 1 time donation the funds are divided up into several areas. If it is a monthly donation either thru our membership program or on your own, the funds are earmarked for the most job creation possible first, then we look at other areas.

We prefer a monthly donation thru our membership program. That way we can better plan expansion and job creation with a predictable cash flow. However, we will gladly accept any amount that someone wants to give to create jobs in their community.

Your donation or membership also brings benefits directly to your community. Studies have proven job creation in urban and rural communities lowers crime, reduces recidivism, increases the tax base and increases tax payers. Employment also has a direct positive effect on city and state budgets for incarceration costs and overall improves quality of life for these communities.

With strong community support thru donations and/or monthly membership, we can introduce new initiatives such as a summer jobs program in which students can continue receiving income during the school year.

We have several projects in development that bring benefits directly to the community. Your support is our cornerstone of job creation! And very much appreciated!

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