About Us

Quality of Life

Primary Group Inc. was originally founded in 2006 by Java Partners as a research and development organization. PGI’s purpose was to discover why such a large disparity continues to exist in the Economic and Social culture of People of Color.

Inequities in Criminal Justice plus crushing Economic and Social inequality, has greatly contributed to a disenfranchised population of 73+ million U.S. citizens. This continues to be a permanent stain globally in the fight for equality.

Deeper research revealed stunning inequities to various groups in society including People of color; Native American, Indigenous, Aboriginal Tribes, foster kids teachers, retired, veterans, undocumented workers, dreamers, and so many more.

We then expanded our mission to include Economic/Social Justice and Equality. With a focus on solutions, it was evident a more effective and wide reaching approach was necessary.

Embracing Social Enterprise, we determined a System was needed that included the very people we serve as Part of the solution.

We achieved that goal with the design of the National Task Force, powered by TME-Systems. An Economic/Social Pathway to a Better Quality of Life for Disenfranchised Communities.