About Us

Primary Group Inc.

A 501 C3 non-profit since 2006. Based in Las Vegas, NV., the core mission of the organization is Creating Economic and Social Opportunities Specifically for Disenfranchised Communities.

Through community involvement and local partnerships, Primary Group Inc. continues to develop original projects to ensure that services to individuals and their families consistently address issues pertinent and germane to their success.


The Social and Financial ripple effect of Covid 19 has added millions of people to the Disenfranchised Community overnight. In response, Primary Group Inc. has created the National Task Force (NTF) powered by TME-Systems.

A Rapid Response Blueprint designed to Create a Pathway of Opportunity to those we serve. The National Task Force’s innovative approach is to focus on the Disenfranchised as Part of the Solution. The immediate impact includes:

  • Putting Real Dollars into the Hands of Those Who Need it the Most through Basic Member Participation
  • A Monthly Income that You Control Privatized Universal Basic Income (PUBI)
  • Build Infrastructure for Sustainability and Growth
  • Creating Large Scale Employment Specific to Disenfranchised Markets

We call it Trickle Up Economics. Creating Economic/Social Solutions from the Bottom Up!
Serving the Common Good by Working Together to Serve the Community!

About Us

Primary Group Inc. was originally founded as a research and development organization. The purpose was to discover why there is such a Disparity in Economic and Social Equality of people of color. Inequities in the criminal justice, economic and social inequality has greatly contributed to a disenfranchised population of 73+ million U.S. citizens has been a permanent stain globally in the fight for equality.

Deeper research revealed stunning inequities to various groups in society including teachers, retired, veterans, undocumented workers, dreamers native/aboriginal tribes, foster kids and so many more.

We then expanded our mission to include Economic/Social Justice and Equality. With a focus on Solutions, it was evident a More Effective and wide reaching approach was necessary. Embracing Social Enterprise, we determined a System was needed that included the very people we serve as Part of the Solution.

We achieved that goal with the design of the National Task Force, powered by TME-Systems. An Economic/Social Pathway to a Better Quality of Life for Disenfranchised Communities.